Hi! I'm Mike, a Front-End designer/developer based in Pune

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Glad to know you want to know about me.

Mikean Mon Adil

Mikean Mon Adil You can call me [Web Designer / UI Designer / Front-End Developer / UI Developer / Web Developer / Front-End Engineer] basically any/all.

I'm a designer/developer now based in Pune, India (but originally from Bhilai, India) with 10+ years of development experience. I've been making websites since the early days when frames, tables and animated GIFs were the cool kids (true!).

During these years I have built several business, community and personal websites along with brochures, corporate identities, flyers, presentations and facebook apps.

I specialize in user experience/interface, website design and development: valid, semantic, cross-browser compliant, accessible and pixel-perfect implementations in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, AJAX and Flash; integrated into .Net, PHP, WordPress, and I now also dabble in Responsive web design. Yup, even after spending all day of coding for clients, I still enjoy learning new stuff.

My general strengths include positive attitude, professionalism, dedication and work ethics.

I love cooking, dancing salsa and swimming.


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